Riverdish: A Riverdale Recap Podcast

Ryan Bloomquist and Sam Gold recap the CW's newest show, "Riverdale" based on the classic comic books, Archie. 

There Will Be Blood with Danny Pellegrino

In our first ever bi-coastal recording, we are joined by the one and only Danny Pellegrino. Join us to hear our thoughts on the Riverdale mayoral race, Clifford Blossom's will, and Chic's DNA test. Also, is Cheryl Blossom the modern day little orphan Annie? What Real Housewives should guest on Riverdale? And can Danny's housekeeper Martha keep up to Penelope Blossom's demands? All this and more! 

The Hills Have Eyes with Mark Mauriello

Hello Sharks! My name is Hiram Lodge and I am asking $100,000 for 10% stake of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The meteorologists had warned us of this week's nor'easter, but nothing could have prepared us for our guest this week, Mark Mauriello. Who better to have with us to discuss a weekend sex party at a lake, Love Simon promo, and Penelope Blossom in general? Listen into our first remote episode! 

The Tell-Tale Heart with Ryan O'Connor

This week Sam and Ryan are joined by Ryan O'Connor, co-host of the LadyWatch podcast. Join them as they discuss contingency plans for dealing with dead bodies, potential career paths for Mayor McCoy, and the magic of the Riverdale woods. Listen to the end for what is nothing short of a life-changing Alice Cooper song.

The Wicked and the Divine with Brian Moylan

Have you ever listened to two people's dream come true? Because that is exactly what happened this week as we were joined in the loft by Brian Moylan! Listen as we discuss Real Housewives, Papa Poutine, and dick sizes of the Riverdale characters. 

The Wrestler with Virginia Ashe

Put on your singlets and get ready to rumble because this week we are joined by Virginia Ashe to discuss this week's episode of Riverdale. Lick on a maple snow-cone as we discuss the happenings at Pickens Day, the Cooper household and more!  

The Blackboard Jungle with Molly Fitzpatrick

Put down that Jingle Jangle and pick up your books because winter break is over! Sam and Ryan are back with Molly Fitzpatrick, Riverdale Vulture recapper and ultimate Riverdale expert! Join us as we discuss the surfacing of Chic Cooper, Riverdale sex workers, and Archie’s newfound position with the FBI.

Silent Night, Deadly Night with Kyle Selig

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the town, Betty and Archie were busy hunting the Black Hood down. Jughead skinned Penny and caused quite a clatter, while Veronica learned why her family secrets matter. And what did Ryan and Sam find wrapped under their tree? None other than Kyle Selig who brings us such glee! A star of the stage with a Jimmy to boot, we got drunk on gin but I guess that point’s moot.

House of the Devil with Kyle Fox

Knock back that tequila, but hold the wyrm... It's a mad world baby and we are all just living in it. Join us this week as we are joined by Riverdale super-fan, Kyle Fox. We discuss television's most shocking karaoke performance probably ever, more theories on the Black Hood and the Riverdale Reaper, and of course the sinking "ships" of Riverdale's young lovers. 

Tales from the Darkside with Emily Tannenbaum

Yes, this episode is long... but Emily Tannenbaum's (Elle.com Riverdale Recap-er) passion for this show was more addictive than any Jingle Jangle or Pancake Mix could ever be and we were game to snort up all of it! Seriously, Emily could lead a college course on Black Hood theories. Join us as we discuss the never ending road to Greendale, portraiture artists, and basement gyms. And remember: CALL YOU DAD! 

Death Proof with Natalie Walker

Full Disclosure: If you do not like Musical Theatre, this episode is not for you. However, if you are not a joy hating, Lin-Manuel Miranda dissing, Madame Morrible monster you are in for a TREAT! Natalie Walker of Search Party, Puffs, and All I Want For Christmas Is You Alto line fame is back for her second time on Riverdish! Join us as we dissect the Riverdale drift, the Sugarman, and Jingle Jangle! 

When A Stranger Calls with Jackson McHenry

Sam and Ryan go "Out Tonight" with Jackson McHenry, associate editor at Vulture! Drop your jingle jangle and join them as they discuss the SoDale development project, Betty Cooper and her insistence on not following Dua Lipa's New Rules, and what will hopefully be an inevitable plot line involving the Riverdale High School musical. 

The Town that Dreaded Sundown with Cole Delbyck

Sam and Ryan are joined by Cole Delbyck (writer for Huffington Post Entertainment and AOL Build Series host) to discuss the fourth episode of season 2 of Riverdale. Join us as we discuss fake IDs, West Side Story brawls, and our latest Black Hood theories! 

The Watcher in the Woods with Rachel Rosenbaum

We're back from a night jog and ready to recap this week's episode of Riverdale with Sam's cousin Rachel! (Because what is more Riverdale than incest!) Join us as we discuss Mija Moments, get sticky, and discuss small town cruising. And we're not talking Viking River Cruises honey! (Though if you want to bring us on one of those, we're in!) Don't be so thirsty! 

Nighthawks with Matthew K. Begbie

This week Ryan and Sam are joined by Riverdish favorite Matthew K Begbie! Join us as we discuss the ramifications of what happens when a town gets addicted to Jingle Jangle… let’s just say that rooftop performances of songs about hand jobs are involved. 

A Kiss Before Dying with Sydney Epstein

After months being trapped on Sweetwater River, Ryan and Sam are back for season 2 of Riverdale! In this episode we discuss the season premiere with Sydney Epstein (Archie superfan and photographer of our snazzy new podcast photos!) 

Heart of Darkness with Natalie Walker

Ryan and Sam are joined by the hilarious Natalie Walker to discuss the fifth episode of the CW show, "Riverdale." They discuss straight white musicians, the maple syrup industry, and even check out the new Riverdale-parody porno, "Beaverdale." 

The Last Picture Show with Matthew K. Begbie

Sam and Ryan are joined by Matthew K. Begbie to discuss the fourth episode of "Riverdale." Join them as they discuss #MijaMoments, the trials and tribulations of living near Woodbury Commons, and their predictions of who the Riverdale killer could be.  

Body Double with Louis Peitzman

Sam and Ryan are joined by Buzzfeed's (and all around superstar) Louis Peitzman to discuss the third episode of the CW show, "Riverdale." Join them as they discuss Sticky Maples, the renaissance of the print news industry, and conquest book rankings.