Riverdish: A Riverdale Recap Podcast

Ryan Bloomquist and Sam Gold recap the CW's newest show, "Riverdale" based on the classic comic books, Archie. 

The Great Escape with Kaitlyn Herman

Sam and Ryan sit down with Kaitlyn Herman from "Big Brother" to chat about this week's episode of Riverdale. Listen as we discuss the similarities between Archie's prison sentence and the Big Brother house, Griffins and Gargoyles theories, and much more!

The Midnight Club/Sabrinadish with Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Elana Siegel

This week's episode is JAM PACKED with Riverdale?Sabrina goodness! First Sam and Ryan take Fizzle Rocks and proceed to geek out over this week's incredible Riverdale episode. Then we are joined by Broadway STAR and all around superhuman Andrew Keenan-Bolger to discuss the first few episodes of Sabrina. And if that was not enough, we wrap up the party with Elana Siegel who joins us to talk about the entire Sabrina season. 

Andrew Keenan-Bolger starts at 18:10

Elana Siegel: 36:30 

As Above, So Below with Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker, star of the Broadway, joins Sam and Ryan to discuss another wonderfully wacky week in the world of Riverdale. Join us as we discuss our love for cabaret spaces, not understanding games, how fighting works.

Labor Day with Michael Gioia

Archie is headed to jail, Hot Dog has been found, and Kevin Keller has less than two months to lose his virginity! The season three premiere of Riverdale throws us head first into the action and teases us with this season's mystery; the Gargoyle King. Listen as we are joined by Star Magazine editor, Michael Gioia!

Brave New World

A new world calls across the ocean. A new world calls across the sky. In this episode, Sam and Ryan discuss their whirlwind trip to the Royal Wedding last weekend as well as the season two finale of Riverdale. What is going to happen to the town now that Hiram has assembled his gang of troublemakers? Maybe more importantly, who is Veronica going to book in her new cabaret space underneath Pop's? Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the episode for an appearance from a very special guest. 

Shadow of a Doubt

The Today Show is trembling. In this week's episode Ryan and Sam meet at 8 AM to discuss this week's episode of Riverdale. The Baileys is flowing, as are our opinions on casinos, Peter Pan, Black Hood theories, and accidental shootings! 

Prisoners with John Trowbridge and Sophie Santos

In fitting with this week's episode, Sam and Ryan tied up John Trowbridge and Sophie Santos on a chair and wouldn't let them leave until they discussed Riverdale with us. John and Sophie have created a show called "Riverdale Live" in which they take on nearly every character on the show. You must check it out if you are in Philly or NY! 

A Night to Remember with Ryan McPhee

A Night to Remember, indeed! This week, Ryan and Sam are joined by Ryan McPhee from Playbill to discuss the musical episode of Riverdale! God, this show just delivers. Keep listening after the final credits for some bonus content of us dissecting different versions of "Eve was Weak." 

Part 2: We Need to Talk About Kevin with Casey Cott

In Part 2 of our sit down with Casey Cott, we go deep! Sticky Maples are flowing, more jingle jangle has been consumed and we get into the important stuff. Is Kevin Keller a top or bottom? Who is Casey's dream guest star? And most importantly, how do Ryan and Sam fit into the Riverdale universe. Enjoy! 

The Noose Tightens with Nick Rizzo

*We apologize for the audio issues in this episode! We are back to normal next ep!* Regardless of any issues we had, this episode is one for the books as Sam and Ryan are joined by Watch What Happens Live producer and Riverdale super-fan, Nick Rizzo! Nick joins us as we discuss which housewives would fit into the Riverdale universe, Sam's murderous past, and epic nun chase scenes!

Primary Colors

We apologize for coming to you late this week! We will return with a full episode for next week's episode, but it was unrealistic for you to expect anything more from us when Nana Rose is in need of medical attention. Did Andy Cohen push Nana Rose?!? 

There Will Be Blood with Danny Pellegrino

In our first ever bi-coastal recording, we are joined by the one and only Danny Pellegrino. Join us to hear our thoughts on the Riverdale mayoral race, Clifford Blossom's will, and Chic's DNA test. Also, is Cheryl Blossom the modern day little orphan Annie? What Real Housewives should guest on Riverdale? And can Danny's housekeeper Martha keep up to Penelope Blossom's demands? All this and more! 

The Hills Have Eyes with Mark Mauriello

Hello Sharks! My name is Hiram Lodge and I am asking $100,000 for 10% stake of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The meteorologists had warned us of this week's nor'easter, but nothing could have prepared us for our guest this week, Mark Mauriello. Who better to have with us to discuss a weekend sex party at a lake, Love Simon promo, and Penelope Blossom in general? Listen into our first remote episode! 

The Tell-Tale Heart with Ryan O'Connor

This week Sam and Ryan are joined by Ryan O'Connor, co-host of the LadyWatch podcast. Join them as they discuss contingency plans for dealing with dead bodies, potential career paths for Mayor McCoy, and the magic of the Riverdale woods. Listen to the end for what is nothing short of a life-changing Alice Cooper song.

The Wicked and the Divine with Brian Moylan

Have you ever listened to two people's dream come true? Because that is exactly what happened this week as we were joined in the loft by Brian Moylan! Listen as we discuss Real Housewives, Papa Poutine, and dick sizes of the Riverdale characters.